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With our dedicated, fully fitted workshop, we’re able to fix any issue. We have over 20 years experience building computers as well as diagnosing and fixing a wide range of faults. Call us on 01263 340007 or email help@rebootsystems.co.uk for more information.


Desktop PC Repairs

PC won’t switch on? Monitor not outputting a display, don’t worry! Any PC issue, we can fix quickly.

Data Recovery

If you’ve deleted a file or your computer won’t switch on – don’t worry. We have the tools to recover most data issues. 

Apple Issues

Is your Mac not doing what you’ve asked? Is it running slow? Maybe you have the dreaded ‘wheel of death’. Whatever the issue, we can help.

Laptop Repairs

Laptop screen smashed? Power jack not charging or loose? keyboard not working? We can fix most issues within an hour!

Windows OS Issues & Reinstalls

Windows won’t load? Maybe you have a virus? We have a large amount of expeience fixing Windows issues!

Broadband/Wi-Fi Issues

Internet connection not working? WiFi not stong enough to get round the entire home or business? We can even get WiFi from one building to another.